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You are about to open your own business doing what you do best: installing floors. You'll be putting in floor coverings in general, like ceramic or vinyl tiles, laminates, and even old fashion hardwood floors!

Along with your tools and inventory, you are armed with the knowledge that in this litigious time in our history, you also need insurance. Whether you are an installer, tiler, or contractor, your business will require some consideration before launching.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

The first type of insurance you want to check out is a business owners policy (BOP). A business owners policy. A business owner's policy is an insurance package especially put together for a specific type of business. 

It is usually less expensive to buy the package than to buy the individual policies and endorsements. Generally speaking, the business owner's policy for flooring installers would include commercial property insurance, commercial liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and numerous endorsements.


Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is the kind of insurance which will protect your business from unpleasant surprises, like fires, theft, natural disasters, among other things which affect your buildings, whether owned or leased, equipment, tools, and other valuables which you might have to pay for if not for your commercial property insurance.

You can usually get business interruption coverage as well. Business interruption will reimburse you for some of your lost income should your business have to close after a claim. For instance, if you have a fire and the business has to close while the fire and water damage is being cleaned up, business interruption will help you.


Commercial Liability Insurance

Let's imagine you're laying a kitchen floor. The lady of the house comes into the kitchen, looking for her car keys. She sees them on the table and begins to walk over to the table to pick them up. She trips over a small pile of ceramic tiles and breaks her toe.

General liability insurance, sometimes called commercial liability insurance, is the coverage which can protect your business if someone hurts themselves on the work site and needs medical attention or decides to sue your business.

Let's imagine now that you finish the job, and seven months later, you get a call from the customer, who is very unhappy. A couple of the tiles have come loose, she tells you, and her teenage son tripped over one of them, breaking his wrist when he hit the floor.


Immediate Insurance Quotes

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