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A major issue landscaper's face when deciding on the insurance coverage needed is that no two landscapers do exactly the same type of work. Some may do snow removal in the winter. Some may do tree removal and arbor work.  Some may do hardscape or serious ground work. No matter what your landscape business focuses on, it is important to review any types of work accepted when considering insurance risk.

That leads to the crucial point of landscapers insurance, using a licensed insurance professional every step of the way in designing your landscapers insurance is very important.  Make sure to review what your business does, and what types of work you would consider taking in your business so an unforeseen incident doesn't wreak havoc on your business.

Like most businesses, a basic combination of general liability, property insurance, and workers compensation is the starting point.  After getting the basic coverage, additional protection needs to be reviewed.

Start with your general liability insurance. A business of any type, including a landscaping business needs to have liability insurance in place.  This liability insurance protects you and your company against many forms of negligence.  

Next, your property insurance for your business is very similar to the homeowner's coverage you carry personally.  You are protecting the building, furniture, and business equipment such as phones, computers, cabinets, and copiers.  It's important to note that a separate commercial automobile policy also needs to be included.  

workers compensation insurance is necessary if you have any employees.

Once the basics are covered, talk to your agent about other types of coverage. Coverage like mechanical breakdown, loss of income, and maybe event some types of hazardous coverage if your business warrants its.   The key to maximizing coverage coupled with affordability is working with your licensed insurance professional every step of way in formalizing your landscaper insurance package.